Ada Marino

Virgins on the Cross


In the realm of motherhood, an aura of romanticism often envelops the experience, obscuring the raw truth that lies beneath. “Virgins on the Cross,” aims to cast a different light on this journey, documenting the ambivalence that is innate to motherhood. This visual narrative challenges the stereotypes and societal expectations placed on mothers and present prevailing moments of exhaustion, the struggle to maintain a sense of self, and the weight of societal judgement, with the purpose of serving as a poignant reminder of the relentless demands placed on mothers, while also dismantling the romanticised notions of motherhood in visual language and shed light on its veracious nature.

Virgins on the Cross delves into the notion of visceral love that defines the mother-child bond. While this bond is often celebrated and revered, it seeks to unearth the unfiltered emotions that underlie this connection, exposing the tensions that every single mother experiences, with the attempt to unearth the layers of suppressed reality and reshape narratives, performing the function of reclaiming truth. This reclamation serves as a metaphor for the conflicts that permeate our society aiming to amplify consciousness and perception around the figure of mothers.