Zoé Hollebecq



My photographic approach manifests a desire to blur the boundaries between reality and fiction. Based on personal questions or intimate stories, I create visual narratives that question our tangible reality, exploring the complexity of our relationship between the visible and the invisible. L’Entaille is part of this process.

L’Entaille was created intuitively, with the initial idea of exploring our connection to the world, of returning to a more primitive state where nature maintains a delicate balance between the sublime and the dangerous. Its origins can be traced back to the death of my grandfather, a time when I collected a large archive of mountaineering photographs. I mixed his photographs with mine to create a dialogue and a visual history.

The temporal strata merge, and the erasure of the materiality of certain images helps to blur the years. The natural territory becomes the sanctuary of this erased memory. The project evokes an ascent to the summits of the unreal. It’s a call to travel between heaven and earth, where man confronts his human condition.

The mountain occupies a central place in this project, like a strange veil that seems to come from beyond. It echoes memories, the imprint left by my grandfather. It also has a special, more tragic link to the family tragedy of my uncle’s death in an avalanche.