Mimi Svanberg



Mimi Svanberg, photographer/ image-maker from Stockholm, Sweden, born in 1968. 

I have a degree in textile-pattern making and I am also a professional chef.

I am a self-taught photographer and I started with photography in a more serious way in the beginning of 2010. In May of 2021 I released a book with Editions Bessard. The images presented here are some of the images from the book-project that I discarded in the process.

“Fragments” is sort of debris from my life, mind and my dreams, moments floating around in a nonlogical way not bound to any place, space or time, every image is a little shard. It is a project about the absence of time, about being everywhere at the same time.

I love working with the contrast between the analog process and the digital tools. It is perfect harmony for me to combine these two worlds and most of my images are rendered and experimented on both digitally and analog. My work has dark undertones and a dreamy frequency. I like the idea that instead of forcing my images into a place or a clear narrative, the non-cohesiveness becomes the common denominator. Just as in our dreamworlds things happens in an order that we have no control over and there are no limits or directions. It’s not about how things really happened, more the thought or feeling about it.


IG:  @imagomimago