Born from salt

Viviana Bonura


About the Project

Born from salt is a one-voice dialogue in which the author stages attempts at reconstructing oneself through the decomposition of one’s own overstructures. It is the inner journey in search of a way of being human without external framings which now weigh more than support. Through the use of her body and presence, to be intended more from a performative standpoint rather than a visual one, she symbolically returns to the chrysalis of birth, reinterpreting it as in search of one’s own skin.

Rejoin one’s initial form to understand when things began to unstuck, to fracture, to recompose them inside ourselves, to break the tight mesh of hereditary traumas without implying fracturing, by dissolving and delineating one’s boundaries concerning one’s inner and outer world, experiencing new forms of absence of containment.The project’s name comes from a dream which revealed that originally each one of us is born from some kind of matter that marks who we are. Rejoining it and recognizing it means exorcising it and regaining possession of one’s own existence. Returning to one’s own subject is a rite of passage.

“I was born from salt. White as my skin, still and heavy, like a dead man. Salt inside which a primordial pain was preserved intact, and was handed down to me at the moment of birth.”

Born from salt is the acceptance process that takes place by assigning a name and a reason to this feeling to reclaim it. Salt, after all, in some stories is the protagonist of many superstitious rites, it is a sign of bad luck if thrown on the table by mistake, but it is also a powerful purifier from negative energies. Salt drives monsters away.