Worry for the fruit the bird won’t eat

Sophie Gabrielle


About the Project

Worry For The Fruit The Birds Won’t Eat is an exploration from my own experience with cancer through optics, chemical interactions and an investigative process to photograph something invisible to the naked eye. This project started as a coping mechanism to address the impact it has had upon myself when all males in my family were diagnosed with stage 4 cancer over the last two years. They are a sense of the unsettled, fragile, daunting and overwhelming. Medicinal botanicals and portraits sit alongside archival images found in medical research catalogues, creating a space in which the past and present co-exist. The images are left under plates of glass to catch my skin particles and then rephotographed in manifold – entwining myself and creating an abstract self-portrait. These small cells impact the image in such a way that they are transformed into something new, a growth from the product of its surroundings.