Gabrielle Duplantier


About the Project

“Volta, in Portuguese, can mean all at once and among other things around, return, stroll, ride, but also change. The photographs by Gabrielle Duplantier seem to echo this word : roaming and erratic, crossed by intriguing figures, delicately anchored between reality and fiction. These wanderings always bring her back to homelands and loved ones, and her pictures, bathed both in twilight and sunlight, are so many enigmas that link people and places.” «Gabrielle Duplantier seems to practice photography like a horsewoman, a swordswoman, a dancer, in other words with lots of allure, wind in her hair, staring straight ahead, her movements loose and lively.» 
Quoted from the preface by Maylis de Kerangal
 Gabrielle Duplantier is an artist by Galerie 127