Makis Makris


One of the hallmarks of today’s human being, a consequence of the modern way of life, is that his mind is daily engulfed with thousands of thoughts, many times negative, depending on the experiences that each person carries. Most of us are often lost in the stories and travels of the mind, and as a result we live most of the day in the so-called “autopilot.”

Through this unconscious cognitive wandering (a-consciousness) many times our thought is constantly and uncontrollably, like a butterfly, in the past, in pleasant or bitter memories, looking for images of the future with joy or fear, having permanently the inclination to escape from the present, from today, from now.

Our focus is on fantasies, reminders, fears, and concerns, practically absent from the experiences of the present, resulting in us operating mechanically and by custom. This results in a disorientation from our real desires, which can determine our choices and conditions for the next moments, ultimately affecting the future, namely our next present.

Vanessa therefore attempts to describe part of this human mental process through a set of symbolisms and heterogeneous elements, web based images that i reprocessed, which alternate between them, in a single allegorical narrative, thus forming a new visual identity.

The intense expressiveness of the images, combined with softer visual renderings, compose the context of man’s effort to learn to be fully conscious in the present, “the intentional observation of our experience in the present, without criticism” (Jon Kabat-Zinn), and to therefore escape from the unnecessary swinging of the mind, between thoughts of a fearful past and pessimistic predictions of an uncertain future.