The Zahorí

Sergio Dominguez


About the Project

According to the Spanish Royal Academy, a zahorí is a person that has the gift of discovering what is hidden. Employing simple elements, such as a pendulum, it is said they can detect radiations or magnetic fluxes emitted by entities. Between the limits of document and fiction, “The Zahorí” continues the research that Hugo Caro started back in the 60 ́s, through his photographs and instruments of dowsing.

This connection between the physical and the spiritual world raises some questions about the nature of the photographic image: Is there a link between the photograph and the person who is photographed? Is the damage (or the cure) of the representation transferred to the represented? Does any of the referent remain in the photographic image? Science denies these practices and relationships, but perhaps, as Borges said, in the architecture of the universe there are unreasonable cracks that we cannot explain.