Theo Elias


About the Project

Smoke is a book that is the result of eight years travels that I started in my early twenties. The work explores freedom, friendships, love and intimacy in connection with the nordic landscape.

I started to work on this project because I wanted to become someone else, a less cowardly version of myself. I wanted to learn how to navigate in the world and in life, and I had this strong urge that i needed to jump out there and see where I landed. So in that sense the project is not so much about photography from start, but I decided to use it to take the jump.

I’ve also always had a romantic connection to isolated places, especially the north, but I had before this project never traveled so much. When I started working on Smoke, I was longing for somewhere isolated, like the romantic idea of the edge of the world. For years I was traveling and working on the project, and eventually something in me changed. Through this process I understood the power of art and photography. And it’s because of this I grew up and became who I am today.

The book was released by La Fabrica in 2019 after being the winner of the La Fabrica & Photo London Dummy Award the same year. The book was also nominated for the Swedish Photobook Award.  

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