Once were warriors

Carola Gatta


About the Project

Notes for a Speech to the Great Powers I would like to submit a project to you, a majestic project that will make us strong and powerful people ready to conquer the world.
Today we are dangerously on the threshold of a new Middle Ages and no one seems to care.
While we feel comfortable in our bubble made of peace and serenity, we are unconcerned about the wars around us. Wars as fierce and merciless as all wars, fought by warrior civilizations, by people who don’t know the comforts of civilized life.
We must do something, something that has never been done before in the course of history, as danger is upon us.
This is the only way to interrupt events from repeating themselves endlessly.
It is known that History repeats itself, we have all studied it, but as always in the past, most of us are unable to recognize these mechanisms in our own time.
Whenever a warrior and savage civilization meets a more progressed and refined one, the encounter is always a clash, and at the end it is always the people we would define as the most civilized who succumb.
It happened to Athens in the war with Sparta, and then to the whole of Greece when it was defeated by the Romans, the warrior civilization par excellence.
They were rough people accustomed to fighting for power who built the largest empire in history in a few centuries. Unfortunately, as it happened in Greece, power and wealth corrupt souls, whereas art and culture bring along comforts and distractions.
The clash between Rome and the warrior civilizations of Northern Europe was inevitably fatal. To avoid a new Middle Ages we must act as soon as possible and eradicate everything that weakens and puts fear in our people.
We must use all the Science and Technology of our time to make our people barbaric again, in order to guarantee survival.
To show you my project, a testing environment is required to conduct the first experiments, develop the first environment-deconstruction technologies, and observe the effects that the new uncomfortable environment will have on the people.
I chose a city for our test. A city that in view of what is said above gains a symbolic and iconic value.
I’m talking about the city of Rome. It is time to put an end to harmful frivolities such as roads without traffic, urban transport, flower beds, parks with benches and other amenities that prevent the development of a true warrior spirit.
It’s time to turn Rome into a jungle. I am not speaking metaphorically. The technologies that I am about to show you will grow weeds in the smallest cracks along roads and sidewalks, transform the draining asphalt into muddy holes, corrupting it until it becomes a chasm. They will turn escalators into waterfalls and attract all kinds of beasts and parasites in the central and residential neighborhoods. At the moment these are only prototypes but if, as I believe, you illustrious Great Powers have well understood the ineluctable urgency of the moment, all this can become possible with adequate funding. Grant me the necessary funds and I will turn Rome into the most hostile of jungles. If the experiment, as I believe, works, we could proceed with the transformation of the whole of Europe and turn our people into the first great technological-barbarian civilization, capable of subduing the entire planet once again.