Nor Victors nor Defeateds

Cristobal Traslaviña Berrios


About the Project

Bibliographical Stories, Fictions and Suppositions.
Family album or travel log. A visual narration from a disappointed and marginal view of over 15 years.
Pull my eyes out and you will see filth inside. I am born from the fascist dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet and a democracy that never came. I was born and raised in a hostile and violent place; no one ever gave us anything. The only thing we got was eating shit, a police state, drugs as anesthetics, mothers crying, hate and discrimination.
From that place and posture starts my work. A pessimistic look of the world. I saw how they took our spirit away and the justice reports say that we had a natural death. Rather, you can see the bodies of your people ravaged by despair and your mother, or grandmother, cut their arms to provide something to eat.
I am aware of these devastating times and sometimes I think that I am unable to keep photographing because it hurts. I divest myself from everything and start over. Maybe people think that I have no peace within, yet I cannot believe in this fake social peace. A piece of pigs getting fat before entering the slaughterhouse.
My view is not something I want to carry with me, when you see your friends in jail or breaking the law by robbing a drug store for their dose of drugs. The mixture was screwed and the drug had poison causing intoxication and death. Prostitution for money in order to get a fix, and neo-Nazis sweep them while listening the neighborhood main song of police sirens.
Photography is not reality; it is a fiction of it. Moreover, it is my way of looking at the world. My work is a fragmented story by drugs, jail, poverty, juvenile delinquency, death of friends, imprisonment of friends, family, lovers, failed rehabs, and the streets. Everything with a background of the province of El Bosque in Santiago where I was born and Valparaiso where I live. Places in ruins, falling apart and reminding us, deep in ourselves, that we are orphans.
I am far away from paper revolutions made from filthy shadows of servitude, of law and order. In these, there is no room for travesty, whores, disinherited, deviants, or drug addicts. My view is marginal because I grew and was forged with this fortitude. I polish it with kicks, dungeons, overdoses, rehabs and plenty of dazed nights swearing not to do it again. I do not want, nor have, to receive people’s pity; it is not about that. I have always done what I wanted under my own responsibility. I do not believe that anyone can say what is good or bad, it is simpler; my own right to self-extinction since I do not want to return as a fish, snail nor roach, one life is enough.
The photographic background of my work is mainly analog (6 x 6 mm, 35 mm, Polaroid, films super 8) due to its dirtiness.
Analog photography allows me to tell my story from its mistakes, this concept is closer to life; my life.