Pierre Rahier


About the Project

“With NAMUR, Pierre Rahier exposes himself to the city, among the streets of a town well dear to him. Here the will is guided by the chance encounters that grab his attention. There is a different grade of opening to the “otherness.” There is a curiosity to stop between the faces’ wrinkles, between imperceptible stories, between sensations just announced. What is Namur? What are these people that cross my looking? They become part of my existence for a moment. Still a memory, a desire, of time, but this time more disturbing. The diversity that becomes uneasy enters us and manifests itself as part of a show that arises freely in our eyes. While everything flows quickly and incessantly, I feel the illusion that something remains. Pierre’s precious visual harvests created over several years tell us about cautious patience, a prolonged wait, a learning process, and slow maturation. They are visions carefully selected with the awareness that not everything can be kept in life.”
Text by Steve Bisson