Spazio, stelle e voce

Luca Baioni


About the Project

Life is the dark unresolvable jumble, the mysterious and chaotic bundle of incomprehensible sensations, all tied and mixed together. Demons keep occurring behind, throughout and beyond the objects of the socalled “real world”; they invite the eyes and all the others senses to further proceed, to go into the realm of exceedance they give way to, to discover the inner nature of appearance. They are the faces of that terror implied in the direct sensorial approach to reality, in the full experience of the world surrounding us. They’re expression of the trauma, the bolt shaking and ravaging the ground of ordinary perception, exceeding it, paving the way to an unprecedented and unknown dimension we’re given access: infinite, unresolvable, incomprehensible. 

The grotesque and violent element they often exhibit is mostly linked to an expressive characteristic which is typical of the sensations of terror and anguish one can encounter being participant of an over-whelming experience, one that can submerge and overflow the senses, abruptly throwing them into a state of irreversible and unstoppable chaos. This makes the consciousness feel as if it was part of something incredibly bigger than itself, enormously more complex, profound and alive than what it’s capable of understand.

They also have this feature of fickleness, being both metamorphic and shapeless, inorganic, being direct expression of that relentless force of mutation, the ever-flow of heraclitean becoming, which eventually sums up all of the entropic changes, the hybrid mutations, the inexplicable reciprocity they borrow one from the other, meeting up, then undoing themselves, disappearing and then recovering in different, unexpected forms and states.

For in the darkness looming over from this in-between folded dimension, it is most importantly required to be present, sharp focused and to listen very carefully. If one is able to plunge into it without any preconception or preview of sort, things startlingly regain their inner core of pulsating chaos. Then the observer is continuously melted into it, so that polarity of the paradigm of reality gets shifted, or maybe even nullified, giving way to a void paradigm, or non-paradigmatic condition in which everything of what is “exceeding” is real and nothing of what is “imaginary” is no more unreal.