Linda Zhengovà



Linda Zhengová is a Czech photographer and writer who currently lives and studies in the Netherlands. She has a background in International Studies and finished her BA at Leiden University in 2018. In 2019 she graduated from MA in Media Studies (specialization in Film and Photographic Studies) at Leiden University with distinction (cum laude). Currently, she is following a Photography BA at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

Linda shoots pictures for about eight years and her fields are both documentary and fiction photography. To make a clear specification of her photographic work is difficult as it highly depends upon how we understand reality and where is the border when we start to define artificial constructions. Overall, she uses the medium to challenge the existing boundaries and taboos surrounding the themes of gender, sexuality, and trauma. Highlighted with saturated colours and darkness, her imagery strives to trigger a transformation in the viewer through an aesthetic experience. By confronting her viewers with intimacy and discomfort, she attempts to create an imaginary collective weaved through empathy.