Beyond the Mirror

Leif Sandberg


About the Project

Leif Sandberg’s internationally critically acclaimed book Ending, published in 2017, deals with panic attacks and aging and materialized after a cancer surgery. If Ending resides before death and in its vicinity, Beyond the Mirror passes on to the other side of death. A journey in untouched land. With images from “reality”, the imagination helps to enter new worlds, as it’s told by the photographer in the book’s text, “I want to travel in the crossroads between reality and fiction.” The picture material has partially emerged during hikes at the Camino Santiago de Compostela. “The tranquility and the well-being of hiking has opened my mind for thoughts and extraterrestrial experiences that have penetrated the pictures and enriched the reality we see with our eyes.” At the time of the project, Leif Sandberg scanned old negatives and his father’s holiday pictures from his archive. He found images of deserted landscapes that conveyed an uncertainty about where you are and became part of the depicted fragility of our existence. The project itself developed into worlds beyond what we see, “beyond the mirror”. Compared to Ending, the images in Beyond the Mirror has a more experimental approach to photography. At the same time, they have an even greater concentration and relentless consistency. In Beyond the Mirror, Sandberg digs deeper into his unique universe of images. The book ‘Beyond the Mirror’ is published by Void (English edition) and by Skreid Publishing (Swedish Edition) and can be obtained from them, or through the photographer himself. The book is also available in a Collectors Edition with original prints.

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