Thomas Gauthier



“A few years ago, I spent six months in western Canada. My dream was to confront the wilderness of nature, to meet trappers
straight out of Jack London’s novels. To live cut off from the
modern world. I did not stay long enough to do all that, but I met Seán … .
Seán lives in the Canadian Rockies in British Columbia, in the south of the country. He lives in a small village in the Kootenays. The village is on a mountainside, at the edge of a lake.
His pace of life follows that of nature. He lives simply.The daily tasks punctuate his winter days. Every morning he does his gymnastics. Two or three times a week he runs into the forest around the house. He takes the tea around 17:00. It is in harmony with the nature that surrounds it. His lifestyle, though traditional, is more modern than most of us.
With this series, I do not just describe the daily life of this man. I ask about the way we live, our relationship with our environment.”