Gundula Blumi



Gundula Blumi is a visual artist based in Berlin who explores the space between fantasy and reality. For this she plays with the medium of photography. Her pictures are created by the interaction of photography, special lights and prismatic lenses, water and colour. She works both analog and digital.

“Since I was a child I took photos with my first analog camera. Everything that seemed important to me in my life at that time. Since then, capturing and documenting moments, feelings of life and “zeitgeist” has been an integral part of my photographic work. A frozen moment in its (almost aggressive) immutability radiates the transience to the highest degree and is therefore beautiful and eerie at the same time. What is special about photography for me is that it seems to reflect reality at first glance, although this is becoming less and less the case, and that makes it an incredibly powerful medium. I use photography in an experimental way to see and represent things from different perspectives and thus to change the apparent reality. I play with colors and light a lot to create certain moods and atmospheres.”