Güle Güle

Jean-Marc Caimi and Valentina Piccinni


About the Project

Güle Güle (goodbye in Turkish) is a personal account on the city of Istanbul, focusing on the profound changes happening in the city and within the Turkish society. Gentrification, the marginalization of the poorer classes, the increasing discrimination of homosexuality, the massive migratory influx of Syrian refugees and the problems related to the Kurdish community are just some of the realities behind the subjects portrayed. The photographs are the result of the numerous relationships established with people, in the process of being gradually involved in the different situations we wanted to photograph. While still following a documentary approach, the series leaves on the background the informative and didactic content of the images for a visual immediacy and an open ended narrative. The use of diptychs represents for us a tool to reveal scenarios otherwise unimaginable, highlighting the complexity of the city and its most hidden details. Güle Güle was just released as a book by french publisher André Frère Éditions and was recently exhibited at the Biennale Für Aktuelle Fotografie in Mannheim, Germany. New exhibitions include a solo show at the new PHmuseum Lab in Bologna, Italy, from September 18 till January 2021 and at “La Chambre” gallery in Strasbourg, France, kicking off on November 29. A book signing is also scheduled for Paris Photo book fair at the editor’s booth, Grand Palais, November 12 and 15.

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