Aimilia Balaska


About the Project

The initial concept was to explore the idea of home and what it means for me. The loss of my mother, the absent of my father and abusive childhood becomes the narrative frame of my series. Eventually i realised that the idea of home was there, in my family albums. In the beginning there is rage. Rage towards my mother, who died and left me: I appropriate family photos, I erase the face, I burn it, I stick needles. Then I damage my own face, my relatives, everyone who has been hurt, has remained silent or has afflicted pain on me.
The hidden faces have names, they are stories. Stories to be discussed, narrated or even exposed. This is my story but in a sense it can be applied to everyone, if you change the scale of the pain, of restriction, of guilt. Part of my creation process is to perform manual techniques in archive family photos, such as stitching, stapling, dotting and finally, re-photograph the result. My work provokes reflection and raises issues related to the concept of abusive childhood, memory, loss, death and the impact it has in our lives. The works oscillate between metaphor and reality; but they make me move forward.