Domenico D’Alessandro e Maria Palmieri (Rumore Pair)


About the Project

‘Creations’ is a work that explores the creation on Earth, focusing on Matter. The purpose is to speak about freedom of the act of creation intended as research and invention mechanism. In coherence whit our intentions, we decide to fuse documentary with staged and fiction photography, in order to reconstruct events that we are not able to document otherwise. Our work fits into new documentary photography and is aware of the limits of representation inherent to the photographic medium, which uses the invention as a possibility to speak about what surrounds us. Creations is a project involved with both art and science, and combines photography with other mediums, as video and installations. This was a four-hand work, born from the meeting of two photographers who recently returned to the place where they were born. The desire to represent their own territory joins the will to probe the limits and the great creative possibilities of representation given by photography. The idea was born from observation of the territory where we live, Foggia and its province. Here emerge the tectonic fault of Apricena, where marble stone is extracted in huge quarries, but we also have black sand shores, forests, saltworks and so on, we are surrounded by huge variety of different environments. So, we started investigating the creation from the stone, seen as a matrix element that traps life and its traces, a “fossil of Memory”. Man is the only creature capable of decoding Nature’s laws. The darkness of the birth, that lack of knowledge about the matrix, the mother, is compensated with invention, creating a new emotional status: the uncertain The imprint, the cast, the fossil, therefore, become traces to remap a past through the places and forms of life in them, a way to connect space and time, all through photography. Photography is here seen and used as a way to break down the invisible walls between space and time. In photography, the space and time can be flattened and spreaded on the same floor, you can make the time visible through the spatial relationships, which can also be invented, to give the idea of something that is beyond the sensory reality in which we normally live. The picture becomes the medium of choice for the act of creation, the same of which Deleuze speaks in one of his best known conferences. 

The philosopher says, in fact, that “mais c’est au nom de ma création que j’ai quelque chose à dire à quelqu’un. Et si j’alignais alors toutes ces disciplines qui se définissent par leur activité créatrice, si je les alignais, je dirai bien qu’il y a une limite qui leur est commune, et la limite qui est commune à toutes ces séries, à toutes ces séries d’inventions […] la série qui est commune à tout ça ou la limite de tout ça, c’est quoi ? C’est l’espace-temps. Si bien que si toutes les disciplines communiquent ensemble, c’est au niveau de ce qui ne se dégage jamais pour soimême, mais qui est comme engagé dans toute discipline créatrice, à savoir la constitution des espaces- temps”.

(Jilles Deleuze, Qu’est-ce que l’acte de création?- Conférence donnée dans le cadre des mardis e la fondation Femis – 17/05/1987).