Cinta Janssen



I’m an Amsterdam based Photographer & Art Director. I have always been fascinated by the different visual identities that people create, both online and in real life. Everyone tells a story …. in the way they dress, behave and interact with the world. Many of my photography concepts are inspired by stories of transformation, identity, stereotypes and activism. Whether it’s capturing a situation or actively shaping a concept; I love to create a new world with my images or provide a new perspective. I aim to inspire people to think about the reality we live in and how fluid it actually is (or can be).

I started my career in the world of business as an advisor/ project manager for multinationals. At 33 I followed my passion and started studying at the University of Applied Photography in Amsterdam (graduated in 2018). I now have my own photography business with a focus on editorial photography. My work is often characterised as bold with a unique edgy perspective.