Cecilie Fang



My name is Cecilie Fang- or 方亦文. I’m half Chinese and half Danish. Was born in Denmark, then moved to China, then back to Denmark again. China, Denmark. And now the Netherlands. I started doing photography last year while living in Beijing. To be honest, it was out of boredom and the need for a new hobby. No intention of anything serious. And then it suddenly evolved. Now I’m living in the Netherlands and have been attending the Royal Academy of Art for 3 months by now. I create to question. And I question to create. To question the construction of everything. Not to find an answer, but to be able to shed light on hidden aspects that normatively are not questionable. I started photographing a year ago. Photography is still a new medium to me. I’m still exploring. Experimenting. Getting to know myself. Therefore, I would like not to categorize my work as focusing on only one specific aspect – yet.