A bird flies into a window

Sunniva Hestenes


About the Project

“A bird flies into a window” is a photographic project that wants to explore escapism, dystopia and ethereal reality.


The works move between the familiar and the extraterrestrial, the mysterious and the dreamy. Animals die, creatures roam around, surfaces grow. The ground is breathing, it is dark and we see light on the horizon. There are no mirrors here, all living things are moving in the opposite direction and so are we.


Like many other young adults, I often have a desire to get away. Whether it is out of the house or across a border, the feeling always comes back. Such an extreme sensation where being in one place is simply not an option anymore. There can be many reasons for this, both philosophically and psychologically, but the feeling stays. In my search for meaning I have tried to document and thereby process the reality I have experienced, but ended up depicting the reality I would rather be in instead.


There is a lot of freedom in escaping. It is an action and timeframe that allows you to distance yourself from set frameworks and rules. For a short time, it is as if things do not matter at all and that life is completely in one’s own hands. One achieves such admirable immortality where we forget that one day we will stop being, which is something most people prefer to ignore.


With the thought of life, death often disappears. And in the absence of death lies the search for life, this is something we all strive for and will surely continue to strive for forever.